Illuminated Mud

I think mostly of a life illuminating mud. But there are
so many more chapters in my life's book that keep popping up. We are not made of stone, we are made of clay that is flexible and can change with the movement of your fingers. I was reminded of another chapter today when a kid I taught in Grade 11 1982 at Wiarton District High School tracked me down for lunch today. He said he hardly remembered any of his teachers but me. WOW!
More than clay teaching has been my calling. Clay has given me so much that I enthusiastically share it as often as I can. The difference a teacher can make in a persons life is actually rather frightening. It is a hellava responsibility and probably the most important job in the world. You don't have to be a certified teacher- parents are your primary teachers. Here is a note Kileh Freidman of Vermont left at my wheel in Portugal. It meant so much to me.
Having someone that believes in you is key. Someone that believes you are capable of more than you think you are. Self doubt is often a mind game. Cycling has made me so aware that I have to conquer my head before I can conquer a big hill. So thanks Sam for lunch. It has caused reflection. It has made my day actually! It focused my attention on the long-lasting impact of particular events and actions on a person’s life.
Sam and I. He ain't 17 no mo and I ain't the young high school teacher with long hair and a moustache.


Anonymous said…
A Guide For Starting Creative Clusters

A. Non.
Anonymous said…
The “Magic Teacher”

I'd like to say a word or two about having a "magic teacher." For the most part, I think such figures are fantasy, a little like having a personal Obi-Wan Kenobi. On the other hand, humans do what they can for each other. Most of us can cite a teacher who made a difference. It's easy to believe that teacher was some kind of creative fairy godmother or Merlin figure, but the "magic" actually lies within you. You are the one who learns regular work hours. You are the one who taps into the creative flow or does not. The most brilliant screenwriting teacher cannot write your screenplay for you. Your painting instructor doesn't dip your brush into the paint. At best, a fine teacher is the floor sample for their own tool kit. They not only know how to use a creative hoe, they do use it.

Have you had a "magic teacher"? What did they unlock that was already within you?

A. Non.
Anonymous said…
How do you feel about "Rate my teacher"/ "Rate my professor"?


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