Boot Money

Y'all put your money away! This rounds on me! My dad always told me to put some money in my boot in case something happened. I got robbed,I needed to call home or for some reason. My mums concern was that I always had clean underwear on just in case something happened. It just occurred to me there are no pay phones so how am I going to call home and nobody is home. Today, I went under the insoles of 6 pairs of shoes and pulled out a twenty. That's why I'm buying. Found money! Boot money!! I also loaded my gas kiln today with some temmies for my long time friends Liz Willoughby and Ron Roy (aka Grannie and Gramps). I loaded the kiln with 3 glazes you couldn't give away 25 years ago and they still steal my heart. Temmie, ash celedon and shino. I'm thinking of my long time friends today because Grannie wrote and said I made her cry with my last blog "TL" Time Left. I know why Grannie cried. We have shared so much together over probably 4 decades of going down this clay path. It ain't all been paved. Grannie and Gramps just recently threw in the towel. Gramps is still so willing to help anyone who needs help fixing a glaze. He gave up on me years ago. Grannie embraced shino and Gramps temmie. Gramps killed with his temmie. One of my life's regrets is I never got a nice temmie dinner plate from Gramps. I have his snow plate near the door as something I would grab on my way out of the burning house. Maybe I better put that 20 back in my boot. I may need a stiff drink. Tammy Martinez got me thinking temmie again. They used to call it a Potters Glaze. Nothing,
here is some glazing for my firing. I mean nothing shows off food better than temmie. Tell the chef to boot out the hospital white.
A temmie jug by Tameria Martinez. She's to blame for me going down the temmie trail again.
A little jug I picked up from Ray Finch at Winchcombe Pottery some 40 odd years ago. Wished I had bought one of his cider jars.
Gramps Snow Plate bought at Prime Gallery. When you love a pot and you love the person you pay full price at their show. No Potter's discount! It's called support!


gz said…
Love that Ray Finch jug❤️

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