Ron Meyers still making art in his 90th year. This Rat he gifted me for writing an article on him entitled "Ronnie the Rat". This blog is inpired by a statement made around the dinner table by Shelley Leigh of Alabama. Shelley's husband was killed in a tragic motor vehicle accident so she has a damn good insight into "Time Left". What ya going to do with your time left? For those of us that have reached the ripe ole age of 3 score plus mortality is on our minds. . For some it's places they have yet to see, for some it's things undone, circling the wagons with family, pots yet to be made and kilns yet to be fired. No choice is better or bigger than the other. It's what ya want to do with time left. Hopefully at this stage of life you have found your gift and you share it generously.. I love that I get to travel to do what I love. I come alive in front of a group of keen potters. For me that is the best holiday/destination/life's reward in the world. Some see it as work. I see it as a gift that was given to me that I love to pass on. The gift was not a natural talent! It was the gift of a work ethic and an ability to express it in my work and teaching. My aunt Cavvy is a great example of a maker who considered TL. She worked in the pottery until age 93 then she quit because of arthritic fingers. She started back up at age 94 to make some more work. She had more of her gift to give. It still lives on in peoples homes. This winter I visited Ron and Hester Meyers. Ron is looking at his 90th year square in the eye. He is still out in the studio making Art. It is his gift to us and the Ceramic community. Hester is still feeding me some of the best reading out there. She is my Midnight Librarian. Their friendship is also one of my gifts, as y'all are. This winter my second brother went off to Valhalla. He died the day we finished firing off the train kiln at Tameria Martinez's, Maryland studio. I figure he waited for me to send him off in a land locked burning ship. Thor and brother James await him in Valhalla. This had weighed heavy on my mind as I am now the last man standing in the Clennell Clan. With Jon's passing it brought my kids, niece, nephew and their kids all closer. The role of patriarch is now mine. Family can be your strength and your weakness. How's that for a profound thought? Plans are in the making to spend more time with time left.
Cups made by my Aunt Cavvy in 1967. They signed and dated everything they made. This a manganese lead glazed earthenware cup in a glaze they called "Dark Northern Lights". She was so proud of her handles. In the early days they priced their pots by the pound.


Ceramic Bisque said…
I really like how the glaze came out on those cups! Very cool! How did you achieve such effect?

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