These things I've come to know!

I know a thing or two now or at least I thought I did. Turns out I don't know a bunch bout nuthin! We often get trapped by habit or just not inquiring why something is done. I remember in the UK I went to an old pottery and the potter was making casserole lids. He punched 5 holes in them! I asked him why he punched 5 holes in them. He answered "because me father did"! Tradition, narrow mindedness, habit or just doing your job! For two decades I have been preaching glaze the shino and get it in the kiln or the soda ash will migrate into Lala Land. This jar sat on my garage floor for 5 months and I finally stuck it in because I had room. Some nice carbon trapping. These things I've come to know! I don't know a bunch about nuthin!
Here is the Korean celedon that I ball milled for 24 hours. The green is soooooo much more intense.
Here's another thing I've come to know. You could get kicked outta the sale for having crazed glazes. I got news for you. There is not a shino glaze out there that doesn't craze. Some of the most beautiful celedons I have ever seen in China are beautifully crazed. Ok, I don't know a bunch about nuthin! Here is some shino. Serendipity doesn't just happen. People think if they fire with gas or wood the kilns their pots will be blessed by the kiln god whoever she is. Some things I've come to know is that slips under a glaze give it more depth. You can have all the colours of the rainbow and use one glaze. I've also maintained that decorated work out sells undecorated work. I know I will catch some heat here from the people that long fire their kilns with buck naked pots.
The more I know it seems the less I seem to know. The pot is the person no disguise is possible. I guess I'm crazed!


smartcat said…
Good lookers, Tony!
I always remember what Pablo Cassals said when asked why he practiced so much as his age. "Because I think I am getting better!"
Anonymous said…
Hi Tony. My name is Karen Cockshutt, you knew my parents Ron and Carol Smith when they and you lived in the Wiarton area. Last week my mom passed away. When I went to arrange for her cremation and was told to look at the urns, I was immediately drawn to the pottery urns. Then I noticed your piece, without hesitation that's what I choose for my mom. My mom would have loved the connection. Thank you for creating a beautiful urn and making a difficult task easy and even joyful.

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