The Future

Three or 4 years ago I started a book on how to make a living at craft as my family has done since 1947. I was very excited about all the things I had done to stay afloat in the Art Pond. I wrote enthusiasticly about what I had done to prime the pumps and stay on an even keel. The world seemed to change overnight and I became worried about the futures of the students I was teaching to become potters at Sheridan College of Craft and Design in Oakville, Ontario. I had even had my buddy Ron Meyers Professor Emeritus from the University of Georgia make illustrations for my copy. His drawings of buzzards, rats and fat cats seemed to marry very nicely with my irreverent writing style and off the wall titles ie: Romancing the Buzzards. I hit the proverbial wall and couldn't seem to write about what the future would hold for these hard working keeners. It took me going back to school to rekindle the damn the torpedoes/ full speed ahead attitude of youth. I'm pumped by the students I see entering the ceramics field. They are better prepared than ever before and they will make work that is faaaaaaaaaar more interesting than the work that came before them.
Four of my students visited today for some wine and pot conversation. Ceramics is in good hands with this bunch.
On the left is George a Sheridan third year student, the good looking guy in the green shirt is yours truly, Christine a recent grad now working in my favourite store- The Liquor Board of Ontario, Danny her main squeeze is off to Alberta College of Art to finish his Bfa and Lisa who is back to Sheridan to finish her third year after spending a year managing and teaching at a pottery/teaching facility. These are fine people, fine craftspeople, fine friends and the future is in fine hands.


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