White Powder

I have to admit to y'all that I've tried the white powder but I didn't inhale it. I tried to throw it. Jackson Lee who owns San Bao in Jingdezhen, China lives about a half hour from me in Mississauga, Ontario. His wife gave me some of the white porcelain from Jingdezhen to try. The clay had froze several times in their garage and was hard as a rock. In fact it was similiar to a high feldspar glaze that settles to the bottom of the glaze bucket and is impossible to do anything with. It isn't plastic and it just doesn't seem like it's worth the effort. We did manage to make a small bourbon bowl and wood fire it. It was a beautiful bronze colour. So I figure it will take me about 3 months to learn how to make anything from this clay. That will leave me 2 weeks to make something half way decent to bring home.
Along with the clay I purchased this beautifully decorated bowl from Jingdezhen. I don't know how old it is and I don't really care. I love to stare at it on our hutch as it is so strong, sure and direct. Just look at the sureness of the brush stroke. Man, I'd love to be able to make marks like that. I will make a point of searching out a good brush and a good teacher while in China. Then all I need is about 10,000 bowls to practice on.


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