Serious Pot Addictions

This past weekend Sheila and I had two sets of friends that have serious addictions to pot come to our studio. They not only like pot they seriously inhale. On Saturday we had Jacques and Gabrielle Israelievitch who have a collection of pots that is unparalled in the City of Toronto maybe Canada. Gabrielle being a beautiful woman despairs of Jacques dreaming of pots that he would like to hold. Gabrielle being a gifted psychiatrist has tried therapy on her equally gifted musician husband.
In our conversation over a small cup of wine we talked of how the clay community was such a warm family to hang with. Fine wine, fine conversation, fine company and fine art. Life is good for those that know that life is good.
Here is the reduction cooled t-pot jacques and Gabrielle purchased for their collection;

On Sunday we had Brian Musselwaite and Conrad Biernacki from The Royal Ontario Museum visit and choose some pots that also included a reduction cooled teapot similiar but different to the one Jacques and Gabrielle choose. It is delightful to find yourself in the company of people that have wonderful taste in pots .Here is Conrad and Brian's t-pot-


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