Sources of Inspiration

You need not look far sometimes for inspiration. I have walked past this stone sculpture at the front of the art building for almost 3 years. Now that I am interested in doing tall rock like vessels in clay it is my favourite piece of art on campus. The different views of this piece are inspiring my clay work. Prof. Dan Murphy is my studio mate and I love to watch Dan work. He handles clay so confidently and he has been very encouraging and helpful with what I'm trying to pull off. Here is Dan making a 3 foot long horizontal bourbon bottle. I'd love one of these pots in my collection.


Anonymous said…
Hey Tony, if you are going to make rocks that big, just remember the border and customs, they will think you are bringing the US home piece by piece..I agree,I like the bottles as well, look very intersting.
Take care, from the gang at Sheridan.

Richard Aerni said…
Hey Tony,
The wonder of wood ash is that it references nature without us poor potters trying to depict it.
As for rocks, well, I've always said if I could make my glazes as interesting as rocks, then I'd be rich. We've got the temperature, but we don't have the time and the pressure. Of course my physicist friend has told me how we could build a pressurized kiln. He wants to put microthin gemstone finishes on pots.
Richard Aerni

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