Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Horse's Eye

Yesterday on Facebook Ron Philbeck posted this wonderful plate with the horse's eye decoration. Thanks Ron for making my day.  I'm also showing a plate potter friend Cathi Jefferson gave me with reference to the horse's eye.  I have loved the decoration since I first saw it in my very first pottery book by Bernard Leach- A Potter's Book. I have tried to do this decoration but it seems I just don't have that small motor skill. I know practice, practice, practice. How is it that such a thing like a plate can take your breathe away. This plate in my horse's eye could stand it's own with any large conceptual sculptural piece. Well made pots have that kind of power.

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Ron said...

Nice to see Cathi's interpretation. I'm enjoying looking at historical pots right now. Getting me charged up for the new year.