Frozen Cones

Have you ever fired a wood kiln and had temperature but the dang cones refuse to bend? I call it frozen cones. Sometimes I think it is the cone pack is behind a pot or perhaps too close to the peep. Wood kilns do strange things to cones. I have even seen them go over backwards to reach for the flame. This is a scene from Pinecroft Centre for the Arts today. The small electric kiln is covered in ice, the wood shed caved in under snow load and the studio is hidden behind piled snow from the driveway. Cones have to good sense to say "I'm f

rozen!" Robin "Grass" Hopper was so smug today as to tell me of his bloody daffodils blooming and the magnolia about to burst into bloom.
I am busy getting ready for 7 of my wood fire women to come next week and fire the kiln. When the going gets tuff the tuff get going.


Anonymous said…
Make sure that breaker is off!

Sorry to see all the issues that have befallen you! A hot time on the ol' town tonight might help melt all that out.
Dennis Allen said…
Holy Crap do you need a break in the weather !
smartcat said…
Okay! You win, Tony! Toes crossed that you are warm and comfortable!

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