Skyrocketing to the bottom!

I wear this silver pin of the Avro Arrow on my sports jacket. It could use some polish but so could I. The Avro Arrow was the most advanced fighter plane ever produced in Canada. My dad worked for Avro. The government of the day scrapped that plane and urban legend says there is one hidden at the bottom of Lake Erie. A friend wrote me and told me how lucky I was. I answered "Yes in 35 years I have skyrocketed to a wage under the national average. " He answered it takes focus and perseverance to be successful. On the same day I had a potter friend phone me and she wanted to throw in the towel. Working too hard for too little money and no time to play. What do I answer? There are those that want to make pots and there are those of us that need to make pots! I get crabby if I don't make pots for more than a week. I tried it this year in Cuba and found myself sketching pots and dreaming of what to do when I got home. Yes, there are days when I am lonely and you my congregation are who I preach to in order to get out of the studio. Cary called me a preacher so I might as well live up to it. Hey somebody pass the collection plate around will ya? Pots are what I know and love. They are what defines me. I have maintained no one else would hire me anyways since I have a resume covered from top to bottom in mud. If you can think of something you'd rather do then I suggest you do it. Unless it is become a poet then you will probably make more money for less work. If you are like me I suggest you will be damn crabby in no time at all. If it were easy everyone would be doing it. Fight,
big fighter, fight!


Dennis Allen said…
I know several potters whose fall back job is poet. Just goes to show when you hit bottom and think the only way is up, there is another bottom below the one you are on.

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