The Cactus Lounge

Last night people were out looking for the heart of Saturday night. It's time to party, go out for dinner, go to a show or get out of the house. For me the heart of Saturday night is staying home at The Cactus Lounge, making some pots and listening to Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap and then Holger Peterson's Saturday Night Blues on CBC radio. I made 8- 10 lb rolls and their lids. Better to make money than spend it. Then what could be better than Sunday morning. I get up early and walk downtown to Johnny's Restaurant for my breaky. It's two eggs over easy, bacon, brown toast, coffee and a orange juice. There is no garnish of twirled oranges, greenery or a side of fruit. It's your basic heart attack on a plate and Mrs. Johnny delivers a newspaper to my table, a coffee and breakfast will be ordered without me having to say a word. Then I walk home to finish the rolls and listen to Sunday morning CBC with Micheal Enwright. I love this program as it is my University of the airwaves. I am always engaged listening to so many brilliant people. Life's small pleasures are often what mean the most. It is not the big events of one's life that often bring a smile to your face.
One small event for me was one morning before sunrise lighting the firebox of my large two chamber kiln. I heard an owl screech and a rabbit scream. Then at sunrise my neighbour Clarence saw and smelled the smoke from the chimney. He came over with a coffee, a warm egg sandwich and a roll your own cigarette of Drum tobacco. I always had a pre-firing smoke with Clarence. Then while we stood there on CBC radio came Joe Cocker and Jennnifer Warnes singing "Up Where We Belong". I knew it was going to be a dang fine firing. That small memory is 25 years old.
No dream is too big!
No dreamer too small!


Vicki Hamilton said…
A simple life can be a great life folks, and the small moments can shine brightly in that life. Love what you do, and do what you love. Today it's help Dennis fix the water flow in the pipes under the kitchen sink, but TOMORROW..... oh, tomorrow I'll put handles on mugs. HANDLES, t!
Tracey Broome said…
I love the imagery of this post. I'm just catching up with my blog reading, this is always a good one to visit!
My life is a simple one and I like it just fine that way. Having a friend bring a cup of coffee and an egg sandwich over sounds like a perfect morning to me!!!

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