Kiln fuel

We started the week with a breakfast in the Green Frog Tearoom. Bacon is one of the best fuels I know of for getting lots of work outta a crew.  Here a couple wallpapering the door to make the kiln airtight. We glazed and loaded in one day. We have just finished firing off Cassius Clay in 31 hours. We had Cone 11 down top, bottom, middle and back and held it at 1300C for a few hours. We finished with my old friend walnut so we'll see what kind of final surface we get. We crash cooled it as one of the crew has to be on a plane back to Calgary on Saturday afternoon.
I dragging my anchor a bit but we're doing some throwing today and tomorrow. Having a meat fest at my house tonight. My killer smoked ribs in secret sauce. Thanks to Springwater Packers for meat ya can't beat. No laughter please!
Ok off and running!


Dennis Allen said…
Nothing big was ever accomplished on a diet of greens and spring water.

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