Compassion is a strength

It is with a sad heart that I have just learned of my friend Carter Gillies Go Fund Me campaign to raise money to keep him alive while battling cancer.  We have all given for projects, kilns, great products and many get a reward for their generosity.
I am sending Carter some money because of what he already gave me. If ever there was a person that showed love, compassion and care it is Carter. I have called him the Micheal Cardew of the blog with this amazing philosophy of art, people, community and love.  Carter has lived by his work in the city of Athens, Georgia. I doubt that his pots went far a field as he seemed content to build a loving community in Athens. His blog was #1 one year. I always felt I needed to set aside an hour to read, reread and digest some his thoughts. Unlike mine his was never a quick bathroom read.
I am unable to throw pots at this point as I am too unsettled by this and world events. I'm hand building some whacky bird houses as it allows me to not be too focused.
If ya have a few bucks to spare please send it to Carter's Go Fund Me project.

We need to show our love of people that love.   If I've learned anything from all my years of teaching - never try to compete with a dog or a baby. Maybe this dog will tug at your hearts, if I haven't. Carter my eyes are streaming tears. You are in thoughts. I'm sending you a hug, A BIG hug. Love, Tony


gz said…
why do unpleasant things happen to the nicest of people?
It does make working difficult xx
carter gillies said…
<3 Thanks Tony <3 Hugs back at ya!
Anonymous said…
Pay it forward!

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