Our hope is the millennials

Brave students in Florida America's Brightest and Finest
Today is voting day in Ontario. The polls are showing a Doug Ford victory. Polls are conducted on land lines. How many millennial's have land lines???? For the first time the millennial's have more votes than the baby boomers. Yes that is us oldie by goldies.
Orange is a bright, bold colour that demands to be seen. Orange expresses our collective hope as a province free of intolerant homophobes.
My kids and the kids of the millennia do not tolerate homophobia and that we could have one as our next premier makes my skin crawl.
There is hope of democracy in the US with the growing up of our kids. They are our hope for the future.
Millennials go out today and vote. Vote not as your daddy did but as your heart tells you.
It is your world to inherit. Treat it like you love it for you and your children.


Anonymous said…
Rob was not enough for you, eh, now you got Doug. Proving that even Enlightened Ontario is comprised of 40% morons. Aw shucks you say, checks and balances built in to the system will keep Dougie from doing too much harm. Yeah, get back to me in a year and let me know how that’s going. Sorry Ontario you are hosed.
Anonymous said…
Just think of what Margaret Thatcher did for the UK,
now Doug Ford and his Conservative ilk can do the same to Ontario.

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