No one on the dance floor.

I phoned my political junkie daughter Robin this morning to see what she thought of Doug Ford leader of the Progressive Conservative Party and his top administrations refusal to be on CBC's Radio Noon program. All the 3 other Party leaders had the guts to go under fire. It is an audience of half a million Canadians. I think every potter I know in this country listens to CBC in their studios. Many of my American friends along the border also listen in. Robin just laughed and said Doug Ford supporters don't listen to informed radio. They listen to top 40 AM radio and possibly Howard Stern. They read the Toronto Sun not the Star or the Globe. CBC is not his demographic.
I think his handlers know he will say something stupid when off leash. Does this remind of us of someone????
I then went on to tell Robin that since I put my orange sign up I have seen 3 others in town. She said "Dad that is my "there's no one on the dance floor theory" ! When you go to a wedding and the band is playing and no one is on the dance floor until one couple have the courage to get up and dance. Then like magic the dance floor fills.
I have never in ten years of blogging used my blog as a political platform. I have never felt as frightened by the leadership of this PC government in my life. If my sign has swayed one or two neighbours then I have stood for something.
I've said it before there are lots of good people that have differing views. Whatever yours are please go and vote on June 7th. Orange would be a good choice but the choice is yours.  Have the courage to get up on the dance floor.
HELLO FEAR Thank you for being here. You're my indication that I'm doing what I need to do. -Cheryl Strayed author of Brave Enough
Go Orange Go!


Anne D said…
I have often been the one to be the first one on the dance floor at most occasions just because when music plays I forget my fears and fear of judgement and just go for it ... I am petrified that Canada will do it again: they had bush we got Harper, they got Obama we got Trudeau,, they have trump we might get ford ... we don’t need to follow, we could lead!!! Orange wave is possible if enough ppl realize the risk of a blue wave !!
stewart smith said…
Hey, Tony, we met in Guelph last week. I told you the story about replacing Polyfilla with bronze.

It's so easy to listen to friends and believe that the whole world will vote Orange, but I've learned the hard way that our lovely small towns are populated with warm-hearted hockey fans, drivers of F150s. They will vote blue.
Still, our political system gives party leaders only a fraction of the power that POTUS has, thank goodness. We might lose next week, we might win. Still, we can spend our days making interesting stuff, with some assurance that our health system will scrape us up and restore us as much as current science will allow.

The important thing, though, is our work and our community. I'll go do a bit of trimming yet tonight and pull together camera gear to shoot promo photos at Waterloo Potters fundraiser. I'll get up in the morning and hang with my people. Colours, blue, orange or red disappear in the presence of the kind of community that potters inspire.

So, yes, vote, move on. Mud and love will be our comfort and salvation. And if they fail, there's always a single malt and a friend not far away...

Hette said…

Right on, Stewart! "Mud and love" - what else does anyone need?
Anonymous said…
Ford nation and the cronies go rolling along...

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