Shock yourself and everyone else

Brainwash yourself before someone nasty beats you to it.- Rob Bresney
Dominic from Haida Gwai and I went to Shane Norrie Contemporary yesterday to bring Hawkeye home. Dominic bought one of the nicest jugs I have ever made and wood fired in the Ratagama. Thx Dom!
We passed by some subdivisions of sameness and Dom kinda cringed, grunted and mumbled his disdain. We talked about whether Hawkeye would hang in any of those houses. I have seen it once in a suburban house of Don McKinley former Head of Sheridan School of Craft and Design. What a surprise when you opened the door.
Hawkeye flew home. -Micheal Barber
John Chalke the Alberta bad ass that encouraged me to be me

Ronnie the Rat- some find this mean work. I think they need better drugs.. It is full of love.

A Stephen Hogbin/Jesse Black table, and David Fleming Windsor

Jeremy Hayes, English pantheon, cockroach pillows by Mr. K

I hung Hawkeye and sat back with a Casamigoes, some lime and ice and thought of the work in this small corner of my house. It ain't for everyone and that's Ok with me cause, I ain't just anyone. I would think that anyone that isn't somehow perplexed by this work is not really the kind of people I hang with. If they didn't say a thing about at least one piece they would most likely never be invited to dinner.  I could most likely leave this work on the curb at the front of my house and no one would take it for art they would want. One man's junk is another man's treasure.
When I looked at Lollipop and Molly I wondered if this would now be considered a racist piece of art. I think it is two white men minstrels with make up to make them look black. I bought this wood block print from The Hatch Print Shop in Nashville, TN and I have always loved it. Mostly because of the collage, the colour, the burlesque figure and Lollipop and Molly make me smile. I wondered if this is the equivalent of a stable boy at the end of the driveway. I would not want that!
 Pick your own art. Never doubt your good taste. Celebrate your taste. Sometimes try to shock yourself. Play the game of house decorating that has no rules.
Lollipop and Sparky by The Hatch Print Shop.


Tom Wirt said…
I will always remember driving by that wall of sameness mini-mansions by Hwy 35 in east Dallas, and you commenting if you could just get 1piece in 10% of those houses, you could retire. Fortunately you haven't done that yet for the reasons above, and anyway, we're not going to let you retire. We need your light.
Anonymous said…
What are the rules for being a bad ass?
Bexley said…
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