Not all pots are created equal

I had a text this morning from Doc showing me an 2006 exhibit featuring 100 pieces of Picasso's work next to 29 eerily similar pieces by uncredited African artists. "Today the truth is on display that Picasso would not have been the renowned creative genius he was if he did not steal and re-adapt the work of anonymous African artists. 
For over 20 years I tried to make the jugs of Medieval Europe. They were the foundation that I built this current jug on. The thumbed bottoms of the early jugs. The generous handles. The strong rims. So I tried the thumbed bottom and it has now become poked, and trimmed.  The generous round handle has a back bone moved over to the side.  The handle reaches out over the rim instead of being married to the side. The strong rim now has me pinching it. I may pinch the handle too and poke holes in them. It has taken over 40 years of working with this form to come up with a jug that I think is unmistakably mine. 
I think all potters would agree that you can make a series of the same form and somehow one or two are better than the others. 
One may have a better spring to the handle.
Another may have more volume in the shoulder. More volume. Less timid.
So in a line up you can pick your favourite but unlike painting you can't go back and cover over what is already there. You're stuck with what you created and then that damn ole kiln is going to come along and bless your least favourite and mess up your favourite. But then sometimes when the Kiln God she is smiling on you she does something even beyond what you had hoped for and that is enough to keep you trying. That one pot in hundreds that just has it all goin' on- form, attachments, glaze, surface and it speaks of the life in you. Looking at these jugs it looks like I would try just about anything.  It's all good. Be well and safe my friends in clay. Hope we can gather somewhere, sometime and celebrate our love of making.


Anonymous said…
inspired by ......
influenced by .....
in admiration of ....

it's all good!
Anonymous said…
Ceramists Are Flocking to Instagram—Here’s Why

When artists of all kinds share their work on social media, it’s natural that they might grow an audience—and for visual artists aiming to sell their work, this kind of exposure is vital to business.

Wonder why you’ve seen so many ceramists experimenting with Memphis-style shapes and graphics? Or maybe why you might see the same shade of yellow again and again? Because the ceramics community has such a strong online presence, artists are virtually guaranteed to draw inspiration from one another—even if that isn’t their intention.
Anonymous said…
Who made the list?
Who are the Top 40 Ceramic Websites, Blogs & Influencers in 2020
Anonymous said…
How to make Spell Jars .

The basic steps are:

Define your intention

Choose your ingredients

Charge items and fill the jar

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Meditate with it

Find a place for it.

Create your own magic....
Anonymous said…
Obituary, Wayne Ngan: A life of magical art in ceramics and sculpture

Ngan passed away at home on June 12 at age 83.
Anonymous said…
“I tend to piss all over the multifarious ‘thou-shalt-nots’ of ceramic orthodoxy.”

gareth mason
Anonymous said… yourself up . Stop the pity parties. For gawks sake man, show some soul and compassion.
Anonymous said…
“What is life? The flash of a firefly in the night. The breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. The little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.”

Chief Crowfoot
Anonymous said…
"It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to."
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JLK Jewelry said…
After wood firing, each one will have its own character and you hopefully will be able to say they each have it all going on. The beauty of one of a kind!
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