" Last of the Noughties

John Neely is a wordsmith and he cleverly referred to the out going group of grad students as the last of the noughties. Hence the title of our Nceca graduate and faculty show in Phoenix 2009 at Hyatt Regency is "Last of the Noughties".
Noughties is the word to describe the 2000s decade, such as the nineties or the eighties is used to make reference to their respective decades.
The opening reception is Friday April l0th in the Cassidy Room of the Hyatt 6-9. It's my birthday so please attend bearing gifts.
Here is a sneak preview of some of my pots from our last firing. Still cleaning them and making them presentable for my Mfa show on April 17th.


John Post said…
They are Beauties Tony.
I love the one with the long asymmetrical foot. They look like they have been on the planet for centuries, just like the mountains.
Vicki Hamilton said…
Gorgeous pots Tony, especially the last piece. Makes me think of Monument Valley and Mesa Verde.
Vicki Hamilton said…
Oh, and by the way....huge congratulations on your accomplishments, drive, hard work, persistence, imagination and guts! Also, Happy Birthday@
FetishGhost said…
That was a great series of posts, Thanks for putting those up to share.
Jerry said…
Finished pieces are looking great. Good luck with your show.
Anonymous said…
dreamy pieces... nice photos of them too, looking forward to pics of your mfa exhibition
Taylor said…
So wish I could be there, Brother T. Enjoy the battue while you're still in the woods.

Kim Overall said…

They are as remarkable as you. Keep up with the sculpture work. It suites you.

Kimmie in Houston
P.S. I think I need a train kiln, but might be too much of a wienie to fire it for days.

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