300th Anniversary

Well it may be fitting to celebrate the students pots from the wood firing on my 300th post to my blog. This all started as a way to keep Sheila posted as to my goings on in China while I was studying for 4 months in Jingdezhen. It has continued as sort of a personal diary of my day to day life. Sometimes I think man why would anyone care that I had to chop a tree down or blow out the driveway but I do it as almost a responsibility to my faithful readers.
Here are the wood coons. They are called that since often when they remove their glasses after the wood firing they look like racoons. They have black carbon circles around were their eye glasses were.
Here are the three that worked the firing from beginning to end. There were others but I guess these three took that leadership role of getting the job done. Sean aka Jack, Kass and Jenny. Jenny had a killer teapot from the firing. Yes, the clay body is Smokie's Hot Bod and when asked what she glazed it in she replied Shaner's shino with Helmer kaolin sprayed over top. I said "What did you spray kaolin over top for?????" It shouldn't have worked. It must have been a light spray!!!!! I think I'll try it. When you don't know what is supposed to happen it opens so many doors. Happy Anniversary everyone!


Unknown said…
That's a nice piece of e-ware in that third photo beside the guy.
Marcia Selsor said…
Gee..where to start. I agree with you on many things you say here. Your home is wonderful. The surrounding creative pots etc. are wonderful company. The pic of you and SHeila is hreat! Love her hair...she is a wild woman. SHe'd have to be to be your partner. Great duo!

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