All you naysayers out there!

The trouble with engineers and especially ceramic engineers is they are straight line thinkers. Many were betting my little slip dunked bottles would be albino cow patties on a ware rack when I entered the studio this morning. Sorry to disappoint but they are standing tall like an adolescent males wee- wee. I don't see any peeling of the slip either and I had them exposed to the forced air furnace like a streaker all night long.
I put my three piece vases together today. This is the first time I've made them this way. Inspired by some vases I saw of my colleague Bruce Cochrane's a few weeks ago at Sheridan. It is a nice way for me to be aggressive with the stamping and have a articulated shape. There were elements I need to work on but hey even Picasso and Matisse had some rejects. Not many to be sure but there had to be some.


Anonymous said…
Very colorful post. Your analogies are hilarious and your pots are beautiful.

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