Water Boarding

I spent the day making the pieces for some 3 part vases. I'll show you tomorrow how I plan to put them together. At the end of the day I was thinking about the 5 lbs of Matt and Dave's Porcelain for The People that I had left. I was going to make a couple of cups which would then need handles and would probably net me $35 each. I'm planning a wood firing with the Sheridan gang so I thought what the hell I'm going to torture this porcelain and make some sweet little bottles that would be all about the slip I made from trimmings, casting slip and a bit of sand added for taste. If this is not torture enuff for this clay the wood firing will be. When the students fire the wood kiln the firing cycle is like a toilet seat at a mixed party. Up and down, up and down and finally uppppppppp!
I dunked the bottles in my slip at the end of the day so tomorrow I'll walk out to the studio and see if they are still standing and whether the slip is cracked and peeled off. What's your bet?????
P.S Hey Matt thanx for your note to my blog re using the Stick-em slip for decoration. I hate to inform you that Sheila and I had a take home order of swimmers and spuds and I used the malt vinegar for attaching handles etc and it worked like a charm. Stick em slip is too pricey for this cowboy.


Anonymous said…
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John Post said…

I will be stunned if those pots are even dry tomorrow. I'm surprised they're still standing, they look really, really wet. But I wouldn't bet against you getting it to work, you are really good at pushing the envelope.

It appears your blog has made the big time, you're being spammed. I believe there is a way for you to delete individual comments if you choose to, of course some of it is kind of funny. I like the line "I was a dump and downright stupid person." LOL.
gz said…
The slipped pots are interesting.
Have you seen the work of this Welsh potter?

She uses Southern Ice porcelain
Anonymous said…
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gz said…
I suggest you set you blog comments so that you have to approve them.
I think that you'll be less likely to get unwanted comments that way as well
keep on potting!!
Togeika said…
Tony, what are your approximate proportions of claybody, casting slip and sand? I am doing cone 03 red earthenware with hakame and slip inlay.

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