Cone Heidi

Here is the new website of my USU land lady and wood fire partner
Heidi Kreitchet. Have a nice little trip to this wood fire site and
not have to leave your farm. Heidi is teaching a
wood fire course at Pottery West in LV this spring You will be
firing the train and the wood soda kiln and the price of the course
for 2 weeks is the bargoon price of $150. Accommodation is on site for
a reasonable amount and they have a communal kitchen and lap pool.
Life is tuff for wood firers.
If ya want to learn how to fire a wood kiln from a pro I can't
recommend another person that can get a kiln hotter than a southern
girl on prom night. We called her firings "Cone Heidi" because they
usually had the top cones in a unrecognizable pool of glass. Cone Heidi!!!


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