Mug and bowl

This past weekend at Sheridan we had our regular mug and bowl throw a thon  where alumni and faculty get together to make pots to be sold to raise money for the Clay Club which pays for guest artists, trips and travel , scholarships all and sundry to help the students in the program. Many of the great potters that we have produced showed up to make pots and three of the grad students now at Alfred showed up too. If you want to make great pots make pots.  If you want to be a teacher go to grad school. The pots of the students from the trenches were in my humble opinion by far and away the best pots in the house.
It was great to hear from the first years that were watching the proceedings say they loved the playfulness of the work being done.  They were in awe of the amount of clay being pushed, the casualness of the making and how we all pulled together for the program.
I sent a picture to my ex-student now at  Alfred about to be grad Jordan MacDonald where I piled up all the trimmings in the studio and piled them on my wheel and wrote him and said "I trimmed one of your bowls!" He answered " I bet you're glad my throwing has improved!" I threw some bowls and had Jordan do some of his casual drawings on them- they are absolutely delightful!!!! A wonderful weekend of art and craft.


crazy wolf said…
You are a gut-buster :)
That business of painting into the low points on the stamped mugs - insanity!
And "hi" to Sheila!

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