Why I need a Peter Pugger!

I don't like reclaiming clay. It takes a lot of work and never do I get it so that it throws worth a darn. Actually we don't have room in the studio for plaster batts to fill with slop. So rather than feel guilty about taking the reclaim to the dump I truck it for the students at Sheridan. Here is January's reclaim and that is with me teaching 2 days a week that really adds up to 4 days a week. I could save a lot of money with a Peter Pugger. Sheila wants a hot tub! Ah, the life of a mudslinger.
Good news today from my buddy Robin "Grass" Hopper. It's going to be -7C on the Wet Coast which ought to kill the flowers he annually writes to me about around this time. He sends  a note to rub it in that I stayed in Ontario and he moved to the West Coast where flowers bloom when the winter winds are howling here. Well, it's Feb and my flowers are out in full bloom. Aren't they beautiful? Eat your heart out, Grass!


My VPM9-SS just arrived on Tuesday. I had to get mine because I have a neck injury and I can't wedge without my arm going numb. I can't wait to start chomping threw my buckets and buckets of recycle clay.
gz said…
I find that my clay after recycling and resting is far better-but that is probably a comment on the clay I buy, and the fact that it comes from the factory rather fresh!!
I wouldn't use plaster batts- apart from the thought of plaster contamination, it seems to affect the handling of the clay somehow.

I remember Michael Cardew at 75 showing us how he would wedge a whole bag of clay-one large handful at a time whilst sitting chatting.

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