San Antone

Gay and I visited the South West School of Art and Craft and had a great tour of an amazing facility with lots of pot making going on and a kiln pad with lots of big ole kilns.

We then met Diana Kersey to go look at her new bridge installation, pots and went for lunch at the old Pearl Brewery on the river walk in San Antone. Diana is the real thing and makes some really nice work. Interesting to hear that her architectural work supports her functional work. Nice to meet someone that sits on the same three legged stool as me- teach, pots and I do workshops were Diana does installations.
 The Mexicans celebrate the dead so I had my pic taken with a dead guy. I hope this means good luck.
Leaving this 104F heat in the morning on my way back to Atlanta, Buffalo and then The Promised Land-Canada.


Taylor said…
What did I tell you, Tony? Isn't Diana's stuff great? Wish I could have spent the day with you and Gay. Spent the day instead with 102 1st thru 8th graders, watching them make art (and some messes).

Itchin' to get behind the wheel again.

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