Texan Love Birds

Here is a pic of my friends Gay and Jim Bob Judson of San Antone, TX. I spent a few nights with them touring San Antone and staying up discussing the world as we know it and how we'd have it. We went to the San Antonio Museum of Art and looked at the Chinese and Middle East Ceramics. A few years ago I would have only looked at the high fired work but I would myself drooling over the lead glazed earthenware of the Tang and Liao Dynasty. I loved these pots and wish I could visit them often. I am tip toeing in the e-ware direction with my work however it is 30+ years I've been on the high fire road and now the low road seems like a gravel one in terms of my life's walk.


Nice post, Tony! We loved your visit and find ourselves quoting Tony all day long! The gang of 6 is coming over tonight and after all the SAMA talk from you and me they want to see pictures from the museum--can you imagine wanting to see the pictures when they could see the real thing right here in SA?

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