Getting Hammered

We've been a month in The Hammer and we're luvin' it. We have yet to start getting our studio ready for our work but with the move, Sheridan, Pinecroft and enjoying our new neighbourhood to be honest it can wait for a few more weeks. Here is a pic of our studio that was a two car garage so it is the same size as our other studio but this one will be all workshop with no showroom. We have a lovely courtyard with interlocking brick, a water fountain and lots of creepy crawlers like trumpet vines, and such. So the court yard will serve as our good weather showroom for special sales. We're enjoying life too much to want to go back to 7 day a week retail. 23 years of it was more than a person should be subjected to. The moment we left the studio we'd return to a note on the door- "We were here! Where were YOU????

One feature that was a negative for most is the train runs right behind our house. We love it!!!! It means there are no neighbours counting how many glasses of wine you have drank, you don't have a strip mall or a rowdy bar, a large apartment building where hundreds look down on you and in your windows. This is steel town and this morning there was a Canadian Pacific freight train with steel from the foundries that made this town. My grandfather Jack May worked for CP Rail. I thought of him this morning.


Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you guys are enjoying your well deserved rest from the retail lark!

cheers Linda
Anonymous said…
opps...meant to say also...your new place looks lovely and it sounds like it's gonna be a great spot to have an outdoor show or two....good luck Tony!
I look forward to the pictures of your courtyard after Sheila has gotten her hands dirty making it her own! Her landscaping work is almost as beautiful as her pots! Do enjoy your well-earned break! Happy Holidays!

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