Writing awkies phonetically seems to work better. Sheila has been throwing some dinnerware which she then cuts to make an octagonal. Lucky 8 and besides after thousands of pots one gets tired of round. You will notice a hole in the foot ring. That is just in case they are absolutely killer and in that case we hang them on the wall and charge twice as much for them. Remember folks there is more money in the living room than the kitchen. Wall art not dinner plates. We actually had a photo of one in one of Grass Hoppers books.
A wiser couple would probably make a hump mold and make them from slabs and add a foot. We use the wheel as our tool of choice. Yes, there is a lot of scrap left over. I've been looking at Dan Finnegans blog and liking what he does with scrap clay. I'm thinking of stealing the idea. He'll never know he is in England right now high on good cider. Lucky beggar!


DropStitchChris said…
*love them...Sheila ROCKS!!

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