Wedgies and Butt Cracks

Well I trimmed my old familiar shape of cup and put the trade mark wedgie in the foot to have the dish washer water drain out  and I added a couple of butt cracks with a ruler just to add interest to the shape. I actually like the interest best in the inside of the cup.
I would like to draw your attention to a new blog by Dr. Mary Ann Steggles of the University of Manitoba. She is going to be leading a panel discussion at this years NCECA on "Where have all the potters gone?" The panel consists of Robin "Grass" Hopper, Mark Hewitt of NC and Lisa Hammond(Adopt a Potter) of the UK. Three Brits with the first letter of their surnames starting with the letter "H" hopefully will provide the answers. I am the alternative to Grass if his health fails. If that is the case I will change my last name to "Heino" and tell all the eager students hanging off the ends of their chairs that if they test glazes like I have they too can have a Rolls Royce convertible. Actually I think he had owned 5 Rolls.


Cyndi said…
I am looking forward to NCECA this coming year. Thanks for putting the word out about events during it.
Mary Ann said…
Great 'butt cracks'. Thanks for the plug for NCECA and the blog, Tony. My wish would be that both you and Grass could be there.

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