did the summer go? I haven't enjoyed my Tommy since sometime in late April. I'm home in The Hammer to write the details of my course "Atmospheric Firing" for the second year students at Sheridan College. I'll be there 3 days a week for  7 weeks starting after Labour Day. I went into the studio to kind of wind down and warm up. Warm up always starts with some cups.  My Tommy Stuart has been sitting all alone since April 28th when kiln building and summer at Pinecroft began. It is time to clean Tommy whether he needs it or not. Yes, the feel of old familiar clay was also kinda nice.  Nice to be in my comfort zone! Oh yeah, I better write that course up.


Dennis Allen said…
When you led with "I haven't enjoyed my Tommy", I wasn't sure what you meant. Thought it was one of those Canadian expressions for something else.

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