Defamation of Character

This what I put up with as a teacher at Sheridan. One day there was a drawing on the chalkboard of a balding spectacled guy right behind where I usually sit and demonstrate. Oblivious to this I sat down to do my blah, blah, blah and demo to a crowd of tee- hee's. The lesson of the day was on the jug form that I went on to explain that I like best when it is resembles the shape that one would imagine of the bubble

if they were to fart in the bathtub.  I drew the jug on the chalkboard only to come in the next day to see the jug had been turned into an Elvis impersonator and the bubble was coming from his lips. It is going to be a shame to fail this tagger of the Ceramics studio chalkboard.


Dennis Allen said…
If that's you on the chalkboard, maybe you don't really need to show up in person.

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