Missing in Action

Missing in Action
It's not that I have forgotten to write on my blog it is that I have been so dang busy. There are 9 people here at Pinecroft making pots. We have been trying to get them thru the bisque. I have been making glazes, wadding, etc, etc.
Bruce arrived from Peter's Valley, NJ last night to a room full of pots. Last bisque went off at 11 last night. We will have waaaaaaaaaaay too many pots.
Bruce does this kind of thing every 3 weeks so I will be watching and learning. Be careful of what you wish for they say. Making pots in my home studio seems pretty appealing this morn.
Here is a pic of George getting some lovin' from the dogs and staying away from 8 frantic glazers.


Cyndi said…
Wow! to all of those pots. I wish I could attend your Porcelain workshop. It looks amazing. I am following his blog now. Take care of yourself, Bacon.

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