League of Nations

Yesterday the Associate Dean brought the Provost around to see the ceramics dept. I am pleased to say what they saw was America at work. Our little America at Sheridan has students from Korea, China, Mexico, Brazil, Holland, and all parts of Canada. Here is a pic of some of the crew.

I explained to the Provost why wood firing is such an important part of Ceramic education. First there is the art history,  the aesthetic, the understanding of combustion, the blood, the sweat , the tears and the amazing way it contributes to team building. This class has pulled together and thrown several tons of clay in the past 5 weeks, fired a gas fired car kiln, a salt kiln and now the woodie. I showed up tonight to make sure all was well and they  took off to Wal Mart to grocery shop. I drove home with a smile on my face after the food crew arrived and I saw the Crock pots, the grill and the baking appear.  I've always maintained you can judge the quality of a Ceramics program by the food served. OK there were hot dogs, chips and processed hamburgers. They are young and their bodies will loose out to gravity one day. I too once had a wash board stomach and hair.


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