Getting fingered!

I'm getting a few photographs done before I get fingered at 260 Fingers in Ottawa. Reid Flock who is also doing the show is doing the photography for me. Hats off to Reid. I think the white background makes the pot pop more and I am really very pleased with Reid's work. It almost looks like you could reach out and pick up the basket. I have been terrible at documenting my work over the past decade and I am so pleased I can turn this over to a guy with an eye and feeling for pots. Reid is bringing his photo set up along with him to Ottawa in case any of the other fingers or readers of this blog are interested in his services. Hey we potters have to do a variety of things well to stay alive these days. Thanx Reid- top shelf! Reid said his wife coveted the long tray and asked how much I was charging- I started to stutterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hate the pricing part. I need an agent.

bourbon coming your way this weekend.


Annied01 said…
I need a basket!!
Vicki Hamilton said…
Omigosh! They're ALL gorgeous! The platter. Mmmmmmmm.

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