20 hours back to heaven

I went on the bus with 22 other Sheridan students and faculty to NCECA Kansas City. It was a looooooong trip back here to The Promised Land. 18 hours on the bus and then 2 hour car ride home.
What would be going to Kansas City the home of blues and BBQ without taking in a peep show? This was the peep show at the Skutt booth. For me the USU and the Bray Shows were the highlights. They actually had to close the Bray Show because of the numbers of people. Chris Gustin seemed to own KC as his pots were everywhere. It is a marvel that he can produce so many beautiful pots. My camera died when I wanted to take a pic of his tea bowls from a 3D printer wood fired. They were awesome!
I had wanted to go to the Nelson Atkins Museum to see their slipware collection  and Asian collection for decades. It was like they didn't realize 6000 potters were in town as many of their display cases were empty. A very poor showing by this museum.
Pete Pinnell's talk on how pottery and people interact was great as to be expected. He is the consummate professional and showed his respect for his profession by wearing a suit and tie.Nicely done, Pete!
It felt good to cross the border home. The bar room talk seemed to be focused on the divided nation and how Canada may be a destination for a lot of potters. If it weren't politics it was medicare. I zoned out on this stuff.
My best bar room talks were in the form of Agelism's. That is the stuff my buddy Doc Agel comes up with.
There was a presentation on how to change. Doc said "But, I don't want to change!" I of course, love that one.
Here are a couple others:
When the lying stops so does the drama!
You can't change your shoes to change your path.


Lori Watts said…
I also enjoyed Pete Pinnell's talk.
I saw you at the conference, Tony! I recognized you from your blog photo. I was going to introduce myself but then I couldn't think what I might say after "I read your blog!"
KC was a great time. I won't be flying to Portland, OR, but hope to make it to Pittsburgh.

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