For meat ya can't beat!

In the little town I used to teach there was butcher shop had a slogan "For meat ya can't beat!" All the high school students got a real laugh out of that. I came down on the bus with 23 Sheridan students to NCECA and after one day I have no voice left. It happens every time come. I have actually had people pulling over in their cars telling me they love me and my blog. I wish they'd just throw money.  That signature hat of mine I think is the key. I'm rooming with Atlanta buddy Doc Agel and we are out all day looking and talking pots. I went to the  Orton Cone Box Show to see some of my favourite people who were award winners in the show. Congrats Teresa Dunlop, Annemarie Row and Cathi Jefferson. Well done!
We went to Arthur Bryants BBQ joint and ate a couple of pigs. It was really good but I still think Jeff Brown's vinegar based NC smoked meat is the best. Hey Jeff Happy B-Day. I've seen some amazing pots. It always leaves me thinking why do I bother. These pots are so amazing! I said many times in my book "If it were easy everyone would be doing it!. Off for more eye candy.


Anonymous said…
It ain't the hat dude, it's what's under it. The hat you found, what's under it you did. Happy NCECA.
smartcat said…
What Tom said. As always some fine posts! I think I need to get down to N.C. For some of Jeff's BBQ!

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