Putting your head in the mouth of a crocodile.

Making pots for a living is a bit like putting your head in the mouth of crocodile. You gotta be stupid enough to do it and trust it will all work out just fine. All the potters I know don’t have any inclination that it won’t work out. That is what I call entrepreneurship. True entrepreneurs don’t believe in failure. Many fail, then fail again and keep their heads in the mouth and pull it out once in awhile to smile. I spent a couple of days with Jeff Brown and Michele Hastings in Seagrove. They are trying to get a foot hold in Seagrove and working really hard. Many lesser mortals would give up but they have a dream and they are living it. They were so good to me and I call this living your life generously as all potters should do. Thanks Jeff and Michele there is always room here in The Cactus Lounge. Jeff does then best BBQ I’ve ever had. I make the best chicken wings.
I also visited a factory that used to produce Fruit of the Loom tshirts and underwear. All the hundreds of jobs were lost to Mexico and a big empty factory was left behind. I apologize for not taking notes but  it is now inhabited by a young Japanese clay chef with a dream of making Wild Clays from North Carolina.  He is even fliter pressing the clay which makes for the best clay imaginable. In the works is a clay called “Chatham” which will fire cherry red. I can’t wait to try that clay with a shino glaze. Holy shit batman, would that not be purdy?

This is another example of sticking your head in the head of an alligator and trusting all will work out just fine. Good things for good people!


Dennis Allen said…
I knew you would hit it off with Jeff and Michele. Very nice, very talented people.
Tracey Broome said…
I've been enjoying catching up with you and reading about my home state through the eyes of a neighbor to the north!
My daughter was conceived in Alberta so I have a warm spot for Canada, haha!
I used to volunteer at the Clydefest, used to go help Mark Hewitt wash his pots before his kiln openings, have spent many wonderful hours in Seagrove, and yes Bruce and Samantha have one of the most unusual houses I have ever been in, and doesn't Fred Johnson have the best stories ever?!
Looks like you got to see the best we have to offer around here. I love living in this part of the world, no place better! Glad you had a good trip, wish I had been around to say howdy.
Nikki Mizak said…
Love Jeff and Michelle! So glad to see you work at the conference. Thank you!
We enjoyed your company immensely. Next time we meet we will have try those wings.
Michael Mahan said…
Thanks for stopping in for a visit. It was nice to meet you.
Like Michele said we enjoyed the visit...looking forward to those wings. Now we have a good reason to go to Toronto.

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