Liven It UP!

I just received this note from friend Dick Aerni. Dick is a master of glazing and most especially the treatment of ash glazes. Word has it he can do the same for you with Cone 6. If you want to step up your game I can't think of a better glaze man that has walked the walk for 4 decades.
Note from Dick
First up is a five day hands-on with firing at Tony Clennell’s wonderful facility Pinecroft, in Aylmer, Ontario, May 23-27.  This one should be good, if you want to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and walk away with some new ideas and finished work.  We’ll be working on many of the sectional techniques I use to produce work which can be large in scale, or smaller but with dramatic form.  This involves the use of centered plaster forms, or in it’s most recent iteration, bisqueware forms that I (and you, too) make that are centered on the wheel and used to throw into, and onto.  Whereas plaster technology has a steep learning curve, working with the bisque is relatively easy to master, with very little investment of time or tools.  Throughout the week we’ll be discussing what makes for a great surface on a pot, and implementing these discussions with sessions glazing up the bisqueware you’ve brought, culminating in a glaze firing in the cone 10 gas reduction kiln.   The setting is pristine and beautiful, the studio wonderfully accommodating, and you will get the irrepressible Tony along with yours truly.  It should be a special week.  Check out details at or follow the link on the front page of my website,


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