Another zone!

Although I am continually changing my work I am a victim of habit. I get up at the same time, make espresso, turn the radio on, make my bed, granola and fruit for breakfast and pretty much follow a routine. Coffee at 10:30,  lunch at 12,  grounding and a cold beer at 4, supper at 5:30. This morning I decided I would break free of my set ways.
I rode my bike to Pinecroft teaching myself Russian. Well, I was singing out loud and it sounded Russian to me. Then when I got to the studio Maggie and Roxy were sitting there smiling at me. I tried to teach them to swear. It didn't work they just came over and nuzzled up close to me. I then swatted a deer fly that took a chunk outta my forehead. I thought well I killed it and should not waste it. I knew it wasn't going to taste very well so I put it on a little side plate took it over to the tearoom and drowned it in malt vinegar and salt. It didn't taste as bad as some of my own cooking.
It seems I have been busy lately with life's maintenance- groceries, cooking, cleaning,  laundry, gardening, workshop details, course planning and all sorts of stuff that has kept me from making art.
Today I was excited about having a great day making art. "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life- Pablo Picasso."
Enjoying the scenery on the pond.

Could it be a clay purse?

This boxer dog needs it's tail chopped off- or not!

Got it figured out, now?

The newly revised bacon bowls had me singing Russian to myself whenever there wasn't a visitor in the workshop. I think I have created a whole new language as well as a new handle form. A woman came in this aft and said "Wow, they are beautiful what are they for????" Instead of my tongue in cheek answer " for bacon!" I said what do you think they are for???? She replied " flowers?". I said "jackpot".  They could be used for a lot of things but flowers would be perfect.
The visitors comment on the work I make and buy the production work in the showroom. It's much easier to understand than trying to learn a new language that sounds a bit like Russian. I understand familiarity. I have been trying to break free of it all my life.
It is freeing to talk and sing to yourself words you have no idea of their origins. For me it means I'm in another country, another world, another zone.



Annied01 said…
Those bacon flower pots are GORGEOUS!!!
Anonymous said…
There's always a place for you at Findhorn.
Tony Clennell said…
Anonymous: My uncle Jimmie was intrigued with Findhorn. I would love to go there.
The teachings of love activists is right up my alley. Thanks for the reminder. T
Anonymous said…

Everybody should experience Findhorn at least once in their life.
Anonymous said…
form follows function?
form over function?
Tony Clennell said…
Form over function. Look at me for instance.

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