Bars emptied, women satisfied.

 I met the legendary Cynthia Bringle at David Stuempfle and Ben Owns kiln sites. Her legend had reached me all the way up into The Promised Land of Canada. Here was a woman 80 years young coming to a firing with a bottle of Peg Leg Porker bourbon. She went on to tell me the story of her nephew's BBQ joint in Nashville. He had lost his leg and put on a whack of weight so what else to call your restaurant- Peg Leg Porker.  Someone is offended out there I just know it!
Cynthia speaks her mind and it apparently rubbed off on her nephew.
My cousin Brenda's daughter Sara was going on a women's weekend in Nashville and I told her she had to go to  Peg Legs.  She reported it was totally awesome and she brought me home another addition to my wardrobe.

Bars emptied, women satisfied -God that has to piss someone off out there. How about everyone wanted a piece of his ass? Conditioning a crutch for the talentless.! Oh man Carey Bringle you are so un-PC. If you wrote on line you would get barbecued.
I heard once that Cynthia juried a teapot show and rejected all teapots with a commercially made cane handle. Good on you Cynthia for having an opinion, an aesthetic, a voice and of course the courage to speak it. More than ever on this celebration of Independence Day July 4th do we need voices of truth.
PS: Thanks Sara for the t-shirt. I love it.


Marian Parkes said…
I can attest to how wonderful both Peg Leg Porker AND Cynthia Bringle are!
smartcat said…
Reminds me of the farmer boasting about how smart his three-legged pig is.
Visitor asks why the pig only has three legs.
“Pig that smart you don’t want to eat all at once.”
Anonymous said…

the truth is out there.
Anonymous said…

now that's a welcoming sight.

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