Back to school

Labour Day always has me anxious to go back to school. I guess mostly I have spent most of my life in school. High school, college, university, high school teacher, college teacher, university teacher- teaching has occupied most of my life.

Last night I should have laid awake thinking with anticipation of my class and how I would step from behind the curtains and make my entrance into their lives. It was always a nervous energy that was a drug like rush. I have always said that teaching is a performance art. 

My family is split on the back to school during Covid situation. Jay and Denise are keeping Olivia and Abby home. They are able to as Grandma lives with them and they are both at home for now. Robin is taking Julia to school. She is solo and Julia doesn't have a sibling to be social with. It's different for all folks. 

I've been making pots not at the rate I used to. I have a half packed wood kiln that I can't remember what I put in there. I keep making and of course I always like what I just made over what i made before.

An long time friend was working with me today and Dawn said "I'm so used to liking smooth pots and then i look at yours and want one but don't understand why?" I replied " The entire world is not my audience. Then tongue in cheek I said "Only the ones with exquisite taste will love my pots!" 

Here is a line up of handles I need to fire pretty soon.

On the one jug you can see where I scratched the pot with my dog comb to attach the handle. There was a day when I would have smoothed the scratches over.  Not today- it is all part of the process. ( I can hear Vicki Hamilton now- Process is your middle name.) I'm sure many think I should go back to school to learn some rules. 


bbrookrd said…
“There are no Rules” TC, March, 2020
Anonymous said…
Hopefully Julia goes to a safe school. Toronto?
Anonymous said…
As a teacher, you don’t comment much on your friends stuff . Is it because you think their work is shite, ,you don’t care or is it that you are above them? My teachers gave comments, and it was heartfelt. It is amazing what a like or comment can mean to someone. Seems so easy unless you are So into yourself. In this world of hate, why not show a little love? Unless you are above that. Seriously dude, quit being so above the rest of us.
Anonymous said…
Who's the green eyed monster?
Anonymous said…
I'd love to go back to school and take a class this term, but Mohawk College is shut up tight.
So no making pottery for me! You just have to ask yourself the question about whether or not you want to risk it, and do you feel safe being in a classroom right now?
Anonymous said…
Are you going to have guest posts and guest bloggers now?

Is it going to be guest blogger Monday? or
Guest blogger Tuesday? or
Guest blogger Wednesday? or
Guest blogger Thursday? or
Guest blogger Friday? or
Guest blogger Saturday? or
Guest blogger Sunday?

I do like extra reading on the weekend, just like those extra thick weekend newspapers we all used to get and read. That's a thing of the past, can you believe how thin the weekend papers are now.
Anonymous said…
There Are No Rules.

There Are No Rules, but "There's only one rule..., maybe even two or three rules.
"Apart from that, There Are No Rules!"
Anonymous said…
Now, there are no rules points back at itself. Meaning, there are no rules. Unless you want to follow a rule. Feel free. There's no rule that says "never follow a rule."

We all do this: follow rules. Life would be unlivable without them.
Anonymous said…
there are “rules” for texting
No more than 2–1 in text responding with someone. If you do more than that you could seem needy, or manic, or just not with current digital etiquette.
this text faux pas is typical for Gen X-er’s
If you were a millennial, or younger, you’d have already been dragged through the streets and spat on for your diarrhea thumbs.

Anonymous said…
I always thought you gave great shout outs to fellow potters and ceramicists.
Anonymous said…
How are all the safety precautions and distancing working out at Sheridan College?

The Clay Club at Sheridan

Anonymous said…
Yeah pottery classes are on at the Dundas Valley School of Art.


How are things working out in the studios?

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