Illegitimi non carborundum

I haven't actually physically touched someone since mid December. Lots of time on my own thinking about the past as I really haven't done much that is new and plans to do something somewhere are at best a dream. This is a major test of what it means to the power of connection. Physcial touch and social connection are part of being a social being. I had a Zoom Christmas and my grand daughter Olivia's zoom Birthday with family. Thank Gawd for technology- Skype, Facetime, Zoom and all that. Man, even a decade ago this would not have been possible. At times like this we need to come to peace with the fact that we are a lot like our parents. Lucky for me I loved and admired my parents. Their house was a home to many. It was a revolving door of familes from England, Scotland, Denmark and teenagers without homes of their own. It was a leg up until they got settled. The door was never locked and we never knew who would show up at the breakfast table. Got a note from Hester and Ronnie Meyers today wishing we could all be with our wood fire family firing the Ratagama. The Ratagama is in quarantine. Shit, shit, shit! It is quite a contrast to what I am going through here. My Uncle Jimmie said that what he loved to do most was to throw pots but that represented about 15% of what he did. There was all the other stuff that needed to be done. So maybe that is what I am experiencing 85% maintenance and 15% love. I'm slowly learning to up the love percentage. Love riding my bike in the snow. Love a good book. I love the stolen moments with family and friends on the phone. Damn I'm even loving my own cooking. Watching the History of Swearing with Nicholas Cage and expanding my vocabulary. It's all good! Illegitimi non carborundum- Don't let the bastards wear ya down. Covid is the bastard I'm referring too! In the meantime I'm reclaiming a bunch of clay I never took the time to do before. I was too busy. I was too driven. I was too wasteful. I always claimed to be a lover of the marks of process. Now I am working on being a lover of the process. That is a HUGE step. This has been a silver lining in COVID for me.


gz said…
We all need a big will have to make do with the luscious feeling of clay xx
Anonymous said…
keep riding that bike, you want to pass the frailty scale or some doctor might decide not to treat you.

Clinical Frailty Scale in an Acute Medicine Unit: a Simple Tool That Predicts Length of Stay
Anna said…
hope it won't be long before you can safely get some hugs in real life.
keep up the recycling of the clay :)

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