Staying fresh

Labour to make things look not labourious. Take time to be fresh.- Micheal Cardew I've just had an amazing August with kayaking, biking, hiking, camping and now back to making. I cringe when I see potters fussing with a sponge and taking all the life out of their work. Maybe what I have learned at the ripe ole age of 70 is that maybe you should take some time to be fresh. That means exit the studio and go kayaking, biking, hiking, camping and then get back to your making. I had an amazing day. 31 k on my bike with a couple of hills that used to crush me, made some bowls, split some wood and then returned with a glass of wine to dart and alter the bowls. Oh yeah, I loaded and fired my bisque kiln. 260 Fingers in Ottawa has been cancelled which completely takes my career to the car wash. Nothing that relates to my clay life has gone forward this year. My trip to Fogo Island Clay Studio was the only exception and was a breath of fresh air. I thought for so long that I couldn't last more than a day without making pots. These are the first ones in a month. I can't count the number of things I wouldn't or couldn't do. Why has it take me so long to be fresh?


gz said…
Work looking fresh and lively, Woodstack to die for, Fogo Island sounds the important highlight of the year.
Keep them wheels turning!😉🚴
Anonymous said…
Why ?
Tony Clennell said…
GZ yes Fogo was the highlight of my year in so many ways. I hope to return next summer. Best, T
Anonymous said…
If you cringe when you see a fussy sponge, how do you feel about the use of sandpaper?

Anonymous said…
Staying fresh is the hardest part of being a potter. Hardest part of being any kind of creative person, I think.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Energy tips to keep creativity fresh
• Look for a connection between your activities and a personal life priority. Look for a poem in the walk you take through the park or when you observe sunlight touching a flower, jot down the details right away and assemble them later. Connect the poem to something that can improve your life, like finding a peaceful solution to a conflict that is gnawing at you.

•Make yourself aware of physical activities that refuel your creative mind. These are not a one-size-fits all. Mine are jogging, hiking and playing the violin. Einstein had the habit of taking a break from his research every now and then to play the piano before going back to work. Enjoy finding yours and use them often.

•To stay balanced, shift to another activity at or before hitting your 80 percent energy reserve mark. When you shift, push the pedal to the metal to get those juices flowing.

• Stay fresh and creative by discovering what balancing activities work best at different times of your day. Some people find that reading inspires their creativity, but they need to read, say, first thing in morning, before they get to their own work. Timing really can be everything.

Anonymous said…
Well September is finally here, and the kids will be returning to school.
Here's a few hints for my favorite art teacher at Central Tech.

5 Traits of Bad Art Teachers

Note: The Inactive Teacher and Samey Lessons
Remember keep it fresh!

Anonymous said…
Rock On!
Anonymous said…
Dreams have no expiration date.

Tony Clennell said…
B.B. Sandpaper takes the Art off.
Ted Neil said…
If a ceramic artist keeps making the same style of work over many years does it become stagnant? As a teacher, do you recommend that artists explore new and different areas to keep work looking fresh, or does it work that things look pretty similar year after year? Does the buyer notice the little differences that you think you make to it?

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