I've been here one day and my mind is being blown away. Don't really know where to start. Firstly David is such an amazing host. His house is an architects dream. He has such an amazing aesthetic. I'm showering in a shower that is like being in the rain forest. It is inside the house but outside. You get the shower steaming and stand in the cold (if you consider it cold) probably 10degrees this morning/18 in the afternoon). David has every toy a potter could dream of- train kiln, pug mills, ball mills, wood splitters,brick saw, farm truck, amazing studio and his brother has an amazing hotel next door Tres Maria with sauna, lap pool, tree house apartment, beautiful patios, donkey, sheep, orange trees, lemons, ecucalupus, cork trees. There are amazing restaurants and the beach is inhabited with surfers. Oh yeah I watch the kayakers first thing in the morning and tonight David has booked me a massage. Oh man, I could go on and on. On the lawn at the studio are a dozen or so large pots. When I say large I mean one pot is 3000 lbs fired. It had to be 2 tons when made. This pot is resting on a base probably 10inches wide. I have no idea how they made this pot. David likes to fire hot- Cone 11 in a puddle.


Cyndi said…
Can't wait to get there!!! Looks fabulous!
smartcat said…
Sounds and looks amazing!
Thanks for the update.
Bobby said…
Perhaps you have found the spot you really want to live in.

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