I'm here in Villa Nova de Milfontes in Portugal. There is not a KFC, McPukes, Burger King or Waffle House in sight. Lovely little independent stores, coffee shops, bars, and wonderful restaurants that serve real food. No frozen french fries, processed non food and the food is all served on real plates by real servers that treat you right and clean up after you. Isn't that why you eat out? It is so you can get a break from doing it all. We went to the market today and being in civilization means you can have a nice chicken/pork sandwich and a beer. We went to the Atlantic Ocean for a long walk at the sea and to a bar for a beer overlooking the crashing waves. I have another couple of months of this suffering for the sake of Art. I couldn't sleep last night laying awake thinking about my class getting here from across the Atlantic. My bedroom wall is a complete sheet of sliding glass doors. I watched what seemed to be thousands of stars. I finally drifted off thinking how grateful I am for this life and this amazing place I have landed in. David made supper again tonight and I must say he is a superb cook. Trained as a pastry chef he has a way with materials in the kitchen and the studio hence the fitting name of his studio/school Claykitchenportugal. A week tomorrow my group of keener potters will be arriving to have me mess with their collective minds. Yesterday David, Nat a sha and moi picked 40 kilos of oranges. David insisted I make 36 test pots this morning before he would squeeze me some orange juice in his Hamilton Beach orange squeezer. The squeezer is made from my hood of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Eat real, be real, stay real. T


Anonymous said…
Looks like an interesting place.
Bobby said…
Sounds like a nice place. If you usually dine out at those fast good restaurants you will be learning a good lesson. Find the independent restaurants that cook from scratch, a diet of ff will do you in, might be cheaper than eating out in real restaurants but yuck. Surely Canada has some good restaurants.
Anonymous said…
Let the adventure begin.

smartcat said…
So did you make the tests? How big are they? Did you get your orange juice!
Great that you are biting the bullet and persevering! Or as a friend used to say, "Rough work, but somebody's gotta do it!"
Thanks for the posts. Vicarious enjoyment!
Anonymous said…
Bacon Bouquets for Valentine’s Day

Because nothing says love like bacon.

enjoy Feb 14th!

Anonymous said…
What’s Legal in Portugal? You Need to Know This Before Your Visit.

“Unofficial” brothels also exist which are establishments dedicated to prostitution but, disguised as discos, hostels or restaurants.

How's the dining experience going?
JLK Jennie said…
Sounds like a perfect vacation and then getting to do what you love most. I’m looking forward to my trip to Portugal in the fall can’t wait I’ll be ready for a vacation.

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