Bat shit crazy

I have a friend, collector and amazing patron of the Arts that I affectionately call "Crazy Patti". She ain't crazy, she is bat shit crazy about life. I have pots in my basement she bought at the very beginning of COVID 2020 when she knew I needed a leg up. She lives on Nantucket Island off the coast of Boston and we haven't been able to connect to make the exchange. Why I orginally called her Crazy Patti is because she is like a child when it comes to clay. She is absolutely delighted with whatever the outcome. A pot flies off the wheel and leaves behind a plate with a jagged edge and she is over the moon with excitement. A less creative mind would be disappointed, pissed and pouting. So I posted some pots from a very nice carbon trap shino firing on Instagram. CP (Crazy Patti) asked me to set 2 more aside. She insists on paying and yet I won't see her until hopefully this summer. CP asked me to pick the pots for her. A potter in France posted on my sight on Instagram that the brushwork on one of my vazzes not vases looked like a bat being hit by lightning. Zap , I knew that was the vaze for crazy Patti. A bat being zapped by lighting how more perfect does it get? Patti this wee blog post is for you and those like you that live your lives so generously. I love you darling and you know that. The world needs more crazy. The world needs more generousity. The world needs more love. The world needs more like you. Now if I can only do another lighting bolt striking a bat brush stroke I may actually make a living outta this biz. Can't wait till we see each other again, CP. Hugs, T


Anonymous said…
une chauve-souris frappée par la foudre.

She is a patron saint of the peripheral.
Anonymous said…
Elle est folle de la vie.

When you're kept by a patron you don't have to duke it out in the marketplace for dollars and for buyers. In some ways that's a blessing because it takes a lot of pressure off you.
Anonymous said…
You haven’t lived till you’ve played Scrabble in a psych ward.
― Artie L
Anonymous said…
batshit crazy
A person who is batshit crazy is certifiably nuts. "nothing going on upstairs" (as in that person's brain). To be BATSHIT CRAZY is to take this even a step further. A person who is batshit crazy is so nuts that not only is their belfry full of bats, but so many bats have been there for so long that the belfry is coated in batshit. Hence, the craziest of crazy people are BATSHIT CRAZY.
Anonymous said…
What does Batshit Crazy mean?

Batshit crazy, sometimes also called guano loco is an expression for people, who have so little going on in their heads, that it is inhabited and utterly soiled by bats in there.

The phrase is just another way of saying someone is a fool, a dangerously insane or delusional character

Erin said…
Most women hate being called crazy. She must really be fond if you to tolerate that kind of disrespect.
bbrookrd said…
It’s "Crazy Patti" here and I am beyond pleased to now be elevated to "Bat Shit Crazy Patti". It’s endearing and a likely unearned moniker that I will treasure and now vow to uphold. Watching you for the first time in 2020 work in clay with your huge gestural mark making and irreverence to any rules freed me to play in lumps of clay in a way that I always feared to do. I realized that day that I could jettison any inhibitions and could disavow creating works in clay that I perceived as expected and acceptable. It was emotionally and artistically liberating and so needed. Now I am blindly and erratically happy. Lots of insane guano days ahead. Thank you. CP aka BSCP

Anonymous said…
If you wanna see "Bat Shit Crazy" just tune in and watch "The View".
The ladies never disappoint.
Anonymous said…
Show your pride,
it's time to celebrate the Bat Shit Crazy in you!
Bat Shit Crazy Pride.

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