Little Victories

It's a funny thing about years end. I reflect on this life of mine. The hard luck, the good luck, the little victories, opportunities taken, opportunities lost and what I might have changed. I don't think I would change a dang thing. That is things I could change. I sure would have liked to have my Dad around longer. He always pushed me forward. I think he lived his life vicariously thru me. He started in the Arts as an actor but couldn't raise a family with 3 boys and took a job he would not enjoy for the rest of his life. Miss ya too Mum. Mum was like most women of the 50's. The anchor of the household. Did the grocery shopping, the ironing, the house cleaning and worked as a waitress in Bert's Resturant. I don't think the woman of the household got much credit. So mum here's a tip of my fedora. You were a rock! I took the job I loved and still love. Being in this game for over 4 decades ain't a little victory. It ain't a big one either! $1.25 will get you a seniors coffee at MacDonalds even after you tell them you are somewhat well known in the Clay Community. I have even tried to show them some clay t-shirts and books that have my name on them. Still no deal. That will be $1.25 sir! Sometimes your strengths turn out to be your weaknesses. I never cared much for money. That's not so bad when you are young and full of piss and vinegar. When ya get older you end up pissing more during the night,you're slower off the mark in the morning and people see you as old vinegar instead of vintage wine. . One thing I learned as a potter is if you ain't making, you ain't making $$$$. You're only as good as your next kiln load. They are fewer and farther between these days. Today is Christmas Day and I am on my own. My kids are busy with their own lives and partners. I kinda like it! It gives me time to think about Little Victories and how fortunate I've been to claim victory. Wish my Dad had. He was such a talented guy that rotted away in a Civil Service job. So Dad, here I am still trying to make you proud. Thanks a bunch for all the confidence you showed in me and pushing me over the cliff. Mum my thanks for making sure I went out the door with a clean shirt and clean underwear in case I got in an accident. Here is a song I used to play last class of my term at Sheridan. It sometimes made students cry. I think it was written about me. Thanks, Guy! Guy Clark- The Cape. Always trust your cape! Me 40 years ago at Wobage Farm, Upton Bishop, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, Wales. One of the most pivotal times of my pottery career. Thanks Mick and Sheila Casson. I'm one of your Little Victories. I got a Richard Batterham jar full
of coins so I'm off in the morning for a seniors coffee with cream.


Anonymous said…
Coffee? Tim Hortons vs. McDonalds (McBarfos)?
Anonymous said…
New Year's Resolutions

1. Focus on a Passion, a new year can bring new life to our passions.

2. Work out to feel good.

3. Go someplace you've never been.
Step outside of your comfort zone and do something daring. It's good for the soul and forces you to learn new things.

4. Travel on a small budget.
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5. Stop multitasking.
Multitasking can lead to memory problems, it reduces our brains' grey matter, it hurts productivity and efficiency, and it can even increase stress, anxiety and depression. Focus on one thing at a time.

6. Stay in touch with the people who matter.
Even a quick call, text, or email can make a world of difference.

7. Buy less plastic.
It's polluting our oceans, destroying the earth, and hurting animals. Be more aware of what you're buying.

8. Send handwritten letters.
Nobody does this anymore, and it's such a thoughtful, genuine gesture. Make somebody's day!

9. Pay off your credit card every month.
And if something is so expensive that you think that you won't be able to? Don't buy it.

10. Avoid people who complain a lot.
It doesn't matter how positive a person you are. Negativity spreads, and it will impact you. And on a similar note.... Remove negativity or anything that makes you feel lousy.
Even things like super sad movies or news sources that just upset you.
smartcat said…
Merry Christmas.Sounds like a good one.Happy Boxing Day!
Anonymous said…
The International Guild of Miniature Artisans

The primary goal of The Guild is to promote fine miniatures as an art form, thus removing them from the category of crafts.

The Guild School is held every June at The Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine.

Anonymous said…
INSTRUCTOR: Troy Schmidt, Fellow
COURSE: Wheel Thrown Pottery
PROJECT: Learning to Throw Ceramic Miniatures

INSTRUCTOR: Troy Schmidt, Fellow
COURSE: Wheel Thrown Pottery
PROJECT: Learning to Throw Ceramic Miniatures

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