No reverse

This is a wonderful time of year for me. Plants and trees that remind me of my most important influences. This varigated dogwood was planted by neighbours at Pinecroft to celebrate my Uncle Jimmie. I planted this metal tree and surrounded it with three clematis white, mauve and purple to celebrate my mum and dad. On my daily commute from the studio to The Green Frog for coffee I walk past the dogwood and memories of my aunt and uncle come flooding back. A before supper cold beer in my backyard have me thinking of my parents. My dad and uncle were orphaned very young because of WW1. My Uncle afterwards spent 5 years of his prime years in the trenches of Normandy during WW2. How did this effect the man he was? How has this affected me since he was indeed the biggest influence in my life? My Uncle Jimmie knew no reverse! He only knew forward. Maybe this from the war. Maybe it was being the older brother that had a kid (my dad) to care for long before anyone should have that responsibility. Not sure! He never backed down and he never looked back. He lived for today with dreams of tomorrow. When I walk past the dogwood I talk to him and tell him I try really hard to hold you as my life model. A hardened man that loves soft clay!


Anonymous said…
Always be versatile!


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