What is it with this place?????

I was working in the studio yesterday with my tunes playing and the door open. A guy and his partner came in the workshop and said to me "what is it with this place?" I said "what do you mean?". He said we stubbled upon this place out in the middle of nowhere and the parking lot is full and we couldn't get a seat in the dining room for another hour. So I said "you walked across the pond where you could see bass spawning in the pond, beautiful trees tulip and dogwood , 55 acres of pine trees, a sanctuary pond, birds, turtles, fish in abundance, you can see pottery being made, you can hear music at times when Herm brings The Jammin' Cabin band together. There is bandstand for summer music and a Jammin' Cabin when the weather turns cold. Check out Brenda and Herms beautiful yellow heritage house. There are two very friendly golden retreivers that serve as your tour guides.If you pat them you have a friend for life. After I ryhmed off a few of the parts of the experience I said " and you haven't eaten in The Green Frog yet!" The food is amazing(all real and fresh) and there are great kitchen staff and servers including Wonder Woman. This is a family run business not a chain. After your lunch I think you will have answered your own question! He never came back after lunch. Pinecroft appeals to all 5 of your senses-sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. Lunch at Pinecroft is not just food it is a total experience. Businessess that offer an experience are usually successful.
Super Woman and me. Server, bouncer :) and body builder. The outdoor patio is busy on this beautiful warm day.
The spillway at the pond.
Bass spawing.
The dogwood tree planted as a tribute to my Uncle Jimmie and Aunt Cavvy.
Front of the studio.
back of studio and kiln shed
The stage and Jammin Cabin
Brenda and Herms heritage house overlooking the studio and pond.
It makes me wonder if his partner prepares a beautiful meal, with flowers, tunes playing,a little candlelight and is dressed in something lovely does he ask " what is with this???"


Anonymous said…
The Fairy Investigation Society


Obviously he needed directions to the nearest McBarfo's so a cashier would be available to take his order, who needs an afternoon in a great place, to have a dining experience, when the alternative is getting fries with that?


gz said…
Tunnel vision...missing the best bits

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